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In this one day workshop we will look at the psychological, emotional and relational aspects that make up and help us improve our happiness levels.

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Introducing a one day workshop called ‘The Happiness Ratio’.
Happiness and positive emotions enhance our resilience in difficult times, build better health and allow us to be creative and open to others.  They are essential in how we are to face and come through the challenges in front of us and to thrive.

What is covered?

Using both an experiential and practical approach this day will explore:
• What happiness & the happiness ratio are,
• How your style can impact on your happiness levels,
• How we block our happiness, and;
• How to build more lasting happiness into our lives so we can live authentically, wholeheartedly and genuinely

Ready to Book The Happiness Ratio?
If you are an organisation and would like me to deliver this workshop for your staff please contact me. If you are an individual who would like to know when the next workshop is running please feel free to call or email me.




As well as having worked with helping people deal with issues such as trauma, loss/grief, low mood/depression, anxiety, relationship issues, sexual abuse, work changes and transitions, etc, I have a keen interest in the area of positive psychology. This workshop draws on some key premises and sound research from the world of positive psychology.

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