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About Psychotherapy / Counselling

It can be a big decision and take great courage to come to counselling. I hope this page will give you some information about what counselling is and some of the types of issues it can help with.

A more meaningful and fulfilling existence is possible.

People come to counselling/therapy for lots of different reasons, for example; to deal with emotional pain, fear and anxiety, to clarify what is important to them in their lives, to get in touch with their inner strengths, to live their lives in a more fulfilling and insightful way, to explore feelings, to receive support at a time of crisis and during transitional and development periods in life, to explore and unlearn learned behaviours and to work towards a more meaningful and fulfilling existence.

There are times in our lives where we can feel that it would be helpful to talk to someone about whatever issues that are going on for us. 

These issues can be very broad and can include things like:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Loss/Bereavement

  • Relationship Issues

  • Family Issues

  • Childhood trauma

  • Sexual abuse

  • Trauma

  • Self-esteem issues

  • Work changes and transitions

  • Maternal mental health

  • Post natal depression and anxiety

A Safe Space

Counselling/therapy offers a space to discuss these issues in a non-judgemental, empathic and genuine way and will help you look at and understand your feelings, your responses and your behaviours supportively and openly.


By creating a relationship that is warm and accepting I work with you to help you to express and explore how you feel as well as working towards change you might like to see in your life.


Curious to find out more?

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